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Thank you, LeTranslator.  We appreciate your accurate and quick service.

Abbe Goncharsky - Lewis and Roca LLP

Interpreting Service

LeTranslator provides professional interpreting services in Spanish and serve the Phoenix Valley. We have interpreters available for business meetings, conferences, legal proceedings, insurance claim interviews, medical appointments. We only work with the best interpreters in the valley who are trained and work professionally as interpreters.

Why do I need a professional interpreter? Professional interpreters are first trained to accurately communicate your exact message. This includes choosing the correct vocabulary and tone to transfer your communication. Professional interpreters are trained to be a tool or intermediary for communication and trasmit it exactly as it was delivered. Also, interpreters are trained to remain unbiased so that there is no unethical behaviour on the part of the interpreter.

Consecutive Interpreting - This form of interpreting is the most common type outside of the judicial system. Each person takes their turn speaking in short manageable sentences and waits for the interpreter to communicate their message. This form of interpreting is commonly considered as the easiest for both interpreter and speakers.
Simultaneous Interpreting - Speakers speaks as the interpreter instantaneously communicates their message without any delays or break. This form of interpreting is very difficult and demanding. Only certain interpreters are capable of effectively interpreting in this format due to it's complicated nature.